The Team

Jim Costello

Founder & President

Jim Costello has over three decades of experience in the food manufacturing industry. As Founder and President of FoodOps LLC, Jim oversees all company operations; facilitates new partnerships and manufacturing relationships for clients; and develops successful quality control programs and procedures. Under Jim’s leadership, FoodOps has enabled entrepreneurs to successfully commercialize dozens of products. Prior to founding FoodOps, Jim served as a consultant (2009-11) and then Vice President of Operations for Angie’s Boomchickapop (2011-16) in Mankato, Minnesota, guiding the company from a $1 million startup to a major producer grossing $80 million. At Angie’s, Jim developed and launched new products (including the company’s top seller); oversaw the entire supply chain; and directed the Quality and Food Safety programs. Before joining Angie’s, Jim held a variety of positions with companies such as Pillsbury, the Service Engineering Group, and Boston Scientific. He has directed award-winning Research & Development Teams and successfully managed multimillion-dollar budgets. 

John Castillo

Vice President

John Castillo is an expert project manager with over 20 years of experience in corporate operations, leadership, management, and training. John’s leadership style emphasizes team building, mentoring, and cross-functional alignment at both the lab and plant levels. His extensive background runs the gamut of corporate manufacturing operations, with a broad spectrum of corporations ranging from small entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies. He has worked full time and/or consulted for the United States Army, Boston Scientific, Malt-O-Meal, Post Consumer Brands, and Angie’s Boomchickapop. John’s expertise includes manufacturing startups; research and development platforms; FDA-regulated manufacturing; quality assurance; and training for both skills development and team building.

Erin Seidl

Food Scientist

Erin Seidl is an accomplished food scientist with experience in all aspects of product development and production. As a Food Scientist and R&D Manager at Angie’s Boomchickapop, she formulated and developed 23 new products, including popcorn, kettle corn, puffs, bars, clusters, and other snack items. She also generated nutrition panels and ingredient declarations (as well as proofed and corrected them); sourced ingredients; cultivated new supplier relationships; managed shelf-life studies; and provided regulatory guidance to the Angie’s marketing team. Prior to working at Angie’s, Erin served as a manager and lab coordinator at Cargill, specializing in snack and cereal products. She also worked with suppliers and co-manufacturers to scale up production. Erin has served as an independent consultant, guiding the company Sunopta in the development of its finished product and ingredients database. Erin also runs her own business, Suds! Bath and Body, which sells all-natural bath and body products.

Craig Vanderwaal

Food Scientist

Craig Vanderwaal brings 27 years of food science experience to the Food Ops team. Over the span of his career, he has worked with such industry giants as General Mills, Cargill, and Malt-o-Meal/Post Holdings, but also with smaller companies like Ronnoco Coffee in St. Louis, Missouri. At General Mills, Craig helped to develop many popular products, such as Totino’s pizza and snack rolls, Chex Mix, and various breakfast cereals. He has worked on research and development; product testing; cost savings in the manufacturing process; quality assurance; and training employees in GMP, HAACP, and quality assurance.  As a consultant, Craig has overseen the development, testing, and marketing of new products, as well as advised on institutional culture issues in various companies, helping to improve productivity and company morale.  Craig is interested in using his experience to mentor new and innovative food entrepreneurs.

Dan Devenport

Quality Specialist

Dan Devenport is a food safety and quality assurance specialist with over a decade of experience.   Dan’s expertise is in quality management systems and supply chain development. He is also an accomplished trainer able to work with a variety of audiences, from the individual to 100-person seminars. He holds multiple certifications, including HACCP, SQF, and FSPCA Certification in FSMA Preventive Controls. Prior to joining the FoodOps team, Dan served as an in-plant Quality Assurance Manager and as a Regulatory, Food Safety, and Quality Manager at Angie’s Boomchickapop. In the latter position, he oversaw all the company’s policy, procedural, supplier and co-manufacturing areas. Dan assisted in building Angie’s from a 19-employee, one-shift company into a national brand with multiple production, warehousing, and distribution sites. He played an integral role in creating Angie’s SQF system and cultivating fruitful relationships with suppliers.

Bill Long

Mechanical Engineer

Bill Long brings his considerable manufacturing and management expertise to the FoodOps team. He is a veteran mechanical engineer, manager, and manufacturing process professional with over 35 years of experience. Bill served in a variety of positions during his 27-year career at 3M, in both engineering and management roles, including: Project and Process Engineer; Manufacturing Operations Manager for the Home Care Division; Global Manufacturing Director for the Construction and Home Improvement Markets Division; U.S. Supply Chain Operations Director; and Business Transformation Director. While at 3M, Bill established new manufacturing plants and oversaw manufacturing operations in the U.S., Canada, Japan, Mexico, and other countries. After retiring from 3M in 2016, Bill was engaged by Hed Cycling Products to set up their Enterprise Resource Planning system, working with both management and shop floor teams.

VyVy Nguyen

Production Planning Specialist

VyVy Nguyen is an accomplished project manager and supply chain specialist with strong experience in the beverage manufacturing industry. She specializes in data analysis and supply chain management. She has collaborated with logistical suppliers for domestic and international shipments, as well as planned multi-SKU productions for both small and large (10+ million case production) beverage case producers. Before joining the FoodOps team, Vyvy served as Director of Consolidated Procurement (CP) at BevSource Incorporated. As the inaugural CP team leader, she successfully developed a procurement transition plan that helped the company reach its gross profit goal of $2.4 million; provided higher purchase quantities for the company’s customer base; and streamlined procurement processes. Previously, Vyvy managed supply chains for both BevSource and Production Services International. Vyvy also serves as Vice President of Tii Cup.

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