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Assuring a sound investment.


Figuring out where to manufacture, how to spend capital, or what new product to launch are all complicated decisions. FoodOps is skilled at presenting numerous what-if scenarios in a logical and analytical manner. Our team of Ops Experts and engineers have decades of experience analyzing these scenarios, filtering through the noise, and presenting unbiased information. We can help you look at your complex issues in a straightforward way and make sound decisions.


If you are wary about food safety and quality aspects of a potential investment, let us ease your mind. We love manufacturing and have seen hundreds of production facilities in all stages of maturity. Don’t allow yourself to be exposed to a costly recall or the long process of switching co-mans. We will visit a production site and provide comprehensive assessments of potential manufacturing facilities.


Are there companies in your portfolio currently experiencing operational challenges? Perhaps they need our production planning tools, a quality system implemented, or plant trial coordination. Helping companies though challenges like these is at the core of our business. Check out our CPG Services page for more about our offerings to help the companies in your portfolio excel. 

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