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Your fractional support team.

FoodOps offers a la carte services, but we truly excel when deeply immersed with our clients through providing robust monthly services. This way, we can get a holistic look at their business and help them prioritize their needs. It does not take long before we become an integral part of your leadership team. We empathize with the issues that food entrepreneurs face, and want to lose sleep over the same issues you do. 

We utilize Gino Wickman's Entrepreneur Operating System (EOS) to help our clients identify immediate needs and tasks that can be deferred. After identifying the vision for the business, we help our clients define quarterly Rocks that support the vision and financial targets of the company. Our long-term clients value the focus and direction that our project managers demand. 


Our experience teaches us that entrepreneurs often find themselves looking for operational solutions to keep up with their various stages of growth. Whether it's self-manufacturing or working with your existing co-manufacturing partner, we proactively manage your production to match your projected sales forecast. Our experience in world-class lean manufacturing has been proven to save time and cost, as well as to increase profitability.


The FoodOps LLC team has facilitated hundreds of new products, from the  ideation and creation stages, all the way to product launch in the market. Our in-house food scientists can create bench top samples, source ingredients, develop Nutritional Facts Panels (NFPs), and provide revision-controlled documentation to track your progress.


At every stage of your business, you'll need to understand your production capacity to maintain your increased sales and growth pattern. We offer flexible plug-in tools that enable you to replicate enterprise resource planning software. We have the ability to keep up with your production orders and manage them against inventory and projected sales.


We understand that audits can be stressful, so we're here to help. We have successfully navigated many clients through the entire process, including documentation, implementation of programs, and validating systems.  We have experience advising clients through different types of audits, ranging from SQC to BRC and FDA audits.


Quality systems are paramount to maintaining your brand's reputation. Our team provides the resources and support to meet and exceed standards for many claims, including Non GMO status or Gluten Free certification. We develop and maintain specifications; perform development or production sensory analysis; and manage shelf-life studies. We can also track customer complaints and develop solutions to non-conformance reporting.


If you find that you've hit a growth spurt and can no longer complete all of your production in-house, you may need a co-packer. But suppose you don't know where to start. We can help. We have experience finding co-manufacturers; vetting them based on your needs; and building relationships through transparency and trust. We can support your production plan by building schedules and keeping inventories accurate. If quality issues arise, we can address concerns with your co-manufacturer and mediate your manufacturing agreement.


Cost savings are critical to maintaining your competitive edge. Dollars saved can be invested in other business priorities. Our experience in Lean Manufacturing can help you recover dollars that would otherwise be lost as opportunity costs. We can provide Lean Manufacturing Training; track and suggest throughput time reduction; and increase productivity. We can serve in an advisory role and help manage waste reduction through the implementation of plant metrics and dashboards.


Figuring out where to manufacture, how to spend capital, or what new product to launch are all complicated decisions. FoodOps is skilled at presenting numerous what-if scenarios in a logical and analytical manner. Our team of Ops Experts and engineers have decades of experience analyzing these scenarios, filtering through the noise, and presenting unbiased information. We can help you look at your complex issues in a straightforward way and make sound decisions.

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