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FoodOps is a Twin-Cities based consulting firm immersed in the national CPG entrepreneurial ecosphere. We seek to add value to every interaction we have with our clients with a vision to grow the entrepreneurial food community. Since 2016, we have helped nearly a hundred companies improve their bottom line through fractional operational leadership.

Our CPG clients recognize a growth hurdle that can be overcome by leveraging operational expertise. We excel at helping clients find and implement manufacturing solutions for their growing brand. Most, if not all our clients are visionaries and we understand that; FoodOps can translate that passion into purpose to create manufacturing excellence as we excel at understanding the challenges associated with manufacturing. We help facilitate an often overlooked relationship your brand will have - with the people that make your product. 

Our team of consultants come from diverse backgrounds and posses unique skills to support you. We have Operations Experts, Food Scientists, Quality Experts, and Engineers on staff.  FoodOps provide solutions tailored to our clients' specific point in their growth journey. 

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Join us at Grow North's Food and Ag Ideas week for an informative panel session on product development, co-manufacturing solutions, and commercialization. FoodOps President John Castillo will sit along side The Artisan Row Founder Jeni Ellick and PartnerSlate Founder Matt Suggs to field questions from an experienced brand owner and you! 

Join us on Oct. 4th at 4:30 for an engaging discussion!

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We want to hear about your journey and discover how we can help you grow. Please take a few minutes to tell us more about your business and needs.

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